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We offer complete industrial waste management services, from collection to recycling.


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We help business adopt sustainable and environmentally responsible recycling practices.


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We focus on disposing of all waste sustainably and minimizing environmental impact.

Welcome to Wongpanit Panthong

We are a Leading Thailand and Global Waste Management Company, Committed to The Environment

We always seek improvement, quality and efficiency in comprehensive waste management, following the highest quality standards and carrying out monitoring of the whole process, from its origin to its final re-utilization, so that most can be reused with the best quality at destination.

Services & Solutions

We offer comprehensive recycling, industry-specific waste management, quality control & sustainability solutions for businesses and corporations.

Paper Waste Collection
We are a leading waste paper and cardboard recycler dedicated to offering you cost effective and efficient solutions for removing paper waste from your site.
Recycling Services - Sorting
We recycle and sort your waste paper and cardboards. No matter how big or small you are, we have the flexibility to deal with your waste paper and cardboard requirements.
Baling and Storage
Paper baling and cardboard baling - The process of baling paper and baling cardboard is used in order to make large volumes of paper and/or cardboard easier to transport.
We have the flexibility and service to collect from your premises whenever convenient in order to minimize disruption to your operations and for large scale transport for exporting globally.
Every individual and business has a duty of care to correctly dispose of their waste. We have the correct licence No. 105 from Ministry of Industry to comply to Thailand government regulations to correctly recycle/dispose of your paper waste.
Global Transportation - Export
We have the flexibility and service to supply overseas paper mills and relevant businesses with our quality paper waste (OCC, NP and OWP). In cooperation with our logistics partner, by working with us, you can rest assured you doing business with the reliable and trustworthy waste recycling industry partner.

About Wongpanit Panthong

The use of waste as a sub-product can be considered to be the basis of recycling. And this practice is the main method of crucial contribution, with regeneration of the environment and our surroundings. At Wongpanit Panthong Co., Ltd., we work on the basis of this idea to generate activity centered on a circular economy, which suggests boosting the use of resources that come from elements at the end of their useful life, and reinstating their presence in the production chain.

Waste Paper Management

OCC (Carton & Cardboard) 70%
Mixed Paper 15%
Office White Paper 10%
Newspaper 5%

Client Testimonials

Partnering with Wongpanit Panthong Co., Ltd. has been a fruitful step. The entire operation of waste paper collection, sorting, baling and delivering in time has been carried out very efficiently. The team is extremely responsive and the process is very well facilitated with careful adherence to timelines. We are very happy with the partnership so far. The Elite Kraft paper recycling initiative is in line with our commitment to environmental sustainability and preserving natural resources.
Elite Kraft Paper Co., Ltd.
EKP Elite Kraft Paper Co., Ltd.
We have been using Wongpanit Panthong Co., Ltd. for some years now and have always been impressed with the level of customer service received. They have been reliable and punctual and have always been reasonable in their pricing. Transparency is a key thing we look for in our disposals and Wongpanit Panthong have always given us the peace of mind that we require.
Inter Pacific Paper Co., Ltd.
IPP Inter Pacific Paper Co., Ltd.